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Trubaca Mansion

The Trubaca Mansion is located in East Santa Cruz just two miles from Verve coffee Roasters.  Nestled between the world class surfing of Pleasure Point, and some of the most epic mountain biking terrain in all of the U.S. consisting of hundreds of trails running through multiple state parks, the Mansion is a prime location to party.  The Mansion is a three-bedroom elevated unit with an 800 square foot deck that’s perfect for barbecuing, lifting weights, or doing some pilates in the bright California sun and just gettin’ a base.  With the Trubaca duo in the house along with fellow Verve Barista Ian Levine, you’re sure to see something ridiculous happen.

If you’re a traveling coffee professional and happen to find yourself in the Santa Cruz area in need of a place to crash or just hang, don’t hesitate to hit us up. We have a couple of couches to crash on and stock the cabinets to the brim with coffee and brewing devices galore. Come by and holla at us.


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