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Jared Truby

I grew up in Chico, Cali going to private school my whole life. I was always a jack of all trades master of none…except being a super-jock! I played all the sports growing up and in high school. I was captain of the basketball and football team my senior year and co-captain my Jr. year. I played point and was wide receiver/quarterback. Naturally this got me interested in hip hop music and other cultures. I also was big into wakeboarding and snowboarding. I couldn’t afford to snowboard a ton but fortunately my rich friends had boats and parents willing to pay for gas. Oh yeah, did I mention I was the poor kid in my high school who had to clean bathrooms to pay for tuition? Anyway, picked up a style between bballer and skater kid.

I was introduced to coffee by my father who had rudimentary knowledge but more than the average joe by far. He taught me that different coffees from different countries tasted different, lighter coffees tasted different, and espresso when “the first drip came out in 5-8 sec” tasted better than the other stuff. My dad opened a coffee and specialty foods place called Pasta, Spice and Everything Nice, where I worked until I went to private College my sophomore year. Shortly after he sold it cause it was not as fun working without a family, in a family business.

I played Ball in Walla Walla for a year and decided I hated Wa so I came back from private school and try to figure my shit out.

I got a job at the Naked Lounge where my coffee knowledge began to grow. I learned a pretty large deal about coffee there, not so much about prep. Microfoam was learned during that time but until Colby Barr bought the Naked lounge in 2005 it stayed pretty sub par-par’ish.

2006 brought my first WRBC in Petaluma. I went with Colby and my friend, now roaster Sean White. Sean and I competed. He DQ’d for time and I got dead last. It was eye opening and we took SO much away. Thus began my f’real ride on the 3rd wave brah!

2007 I moved to Santa Cruz with Colby to help open Verve Coffee Roasters with long time friend Ryan O’donnovan and Sean White. Ryan and Colby owned the joint and Sean and I shared a vision. It was written in the clouds. Finally I could go make great coffee and ride boards without paying money every time!!

So here we are almost 3 years later. I’ve come a long way! I’m a finalist in regional competitions, I’m a semi-finalist nationally, I’ve placed the third highest score in a national competition and won a round! All things I didn’t imagine. Baca says I got it, I just gotta believe…so I’ll go ahead and work on that.

If I’m not makin coffee, I’m disapproving, or proving theories, makin videos, takin photos, surfing, swimming, gettin a base, listening to music, hikin, cookin, writin, or drinkin belgians with my dogs, Baca and Levine on our sick deck.

Holla at me,

I’m L I V I N.


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