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Truby and Baca.  First united in 2006 at the Western Regional Barista Competition in Petaluma.  Two first time competitors who had absolutely no idea what they were getting into.  Four years and many espressos later both working and living together in sunny Santa Cruz California.  Livin’ the dream.

This site will be our vehicle to deliver all things Trubaca; many coffee related, some not.  We love to experiment, flip it up, challenge conventional wisdom, and do things the cool kids won’t…basically make it rain.  We love our industry and the people associated with it but believe it to be often fickle, self masturbatory,  and certainly not immune to untested trends.  We’re not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong…just give you our (admittedly) biased opinion based on our own stylistic interpretation of what we like.  We may charge against conventional wisdom, we might make other professionals cringe, and we might not always even agree with each other.  But that’s how we roll and that’s how it is G.  Personal stylistic interpretation in coffee and in life is important to us, we’d like to see more of yours.  This is ours.


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